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  • Discovery Assistance
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  • Legal Research
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Our Paralegals

I work in association with numerous attorneys, including IP professionals, criminal defense professionals, and personal injury practitioners.
We offer prompt, competent assistance to any law firm or attorney needing temporary or on-going professional assistance with case load or office management. We can review discovery materials and prepare discovery responses to help any law practice.

Free Consultation

“Utah Paralegals has saved me in my busy law practice!” RLS, Attorney at Law

UTAH PARALEGALS is a team of highly qualified, experienced paralegals providing on-demand paralegal services to law firms and corporations. Whether you need quick research, assistance with writing motions or briefs, help on a specific project, or on-going services, UTAH PARALEGALS strengthens your legal team with highly skilled, affordable and fast-responding paralegals.
*Outsourcing paralegal services to UTAH PARALEGALS allows you to control costs and increase revenues while securing the competitive advantage of accessing senior-level paralegal assistance.